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Better public transport, bike lanes, and footpaths

Public and sustainable transport is good for people and the climate.

But public transport in Melbourne can be unreliable and overcrowded. Trams are often crammed full and it can be impossible to get on a train at Kensington station in the morning.

My wins for public and sustainable transport include:

  • Helping secure $1.3 million for an upgrade of Racecourse Road, for better safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and all road users, and I’m fighting for more.
  • $22 million for safer cycling and better bike infrastructure across Melbourne.
  • $900,000 for safety upgrades around Docklands Primary school to help keep kids and pedestrians safe. Now I’m calling on the government to implement a proper traffic management plan.
  • $1 million for lighting and amenity upgrades to South Kensington station and I’m still fighting for a total upgrade to the station!

I’m fighting for:

  • Separated bike lanes on Flemington Road and Royal Parade to help keep cyclists safe. We’ve been successful at getting the State Government to consider pop-up bike lanes for Flemington Road and Royal Parade (northbound) but we need to make sure these happen, and become permanent.
  • Further safety upgrades to the Footscray Road/Docklands Drive intersection to help keep pedestrians and kids safe.
  • Pedestrian safety upgrades to Racecourse Road and other unsafe areas of concern.
  • Upgrades to South Kensington Station to make the station safe and accessible for everyone and to allow for increased frequency of services. Sign my petition to upgrade South Kensington Station here.
  • Extended route and more frequent and reliable services on the 402 bus.
  • Upgraded tram stops to make the route 57 and 59 trams fully accessible so everyone can get where they need to go and more trams on routes 1 and 6 to reduce overcrowding.
  • A new east-west tram in the city’s inner north so people can get across the city with ease.
  • More services for Kensington Station so locals can get in and out of the city.
  • Removing the Labor Government’s tax on electric vehicles.
  • Electric vehicle chargers for Melbourne to encourage more people to use electric vehicles. Read more about our plan to encourage rapid uptake of electric vehicles here.
  • 3,000 Australian-made electric buses to create a high-frequency electric bus network across Melbourne and regional cities.

Find out more about the Greens’ plan for climate-friendly transport here.

Better public transport, bike lanes, and footpaths


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