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Free WiFi and mental healthcare for public housing residents

We are so lucky to have such a diverse community in Melbourne and I have been proud to advocate for public housing residents since I was first elected in 2014.

Over the past 8 years I’ve taken the voices of public housing residents to Parliament and supported thousands of residents who have needed help escalating ongoing maintenance issues, reporting safety concerns or getting transferred to a new home.

Now I’m fighting for:

  • Free WiFi in each home for public housing estates in Melbourne and a digital access program to support residents who need a little extra help learning the basics.
  • On-site mental health support for public housing residents living in high density housing estates.
  • Multicultural liaison workers in public housing offices to support better communication with the Department.

I’ll also continue to push the government to:

  • Build more public housing so there are enough homes for everyone.
  • Re-employ residents who lost their jobs when the government ended the HRAR program.
  • Extend funding for the Paving The Way Forward Program in North Melbourne.
  • Commit funding for safety initiatives on the Carlton estate.
  • Increase funding for programs to support public housing residents living in Kensington, Carlton and North Melbourne.

Click here to read about Ellen’s plans to end homelessness and make housing more affordable.

Free WiFi and mental healthcare for public housing residents


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