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End homelessness and make housing affordable

Victoria needs a housing system that puts people before profit.

Victoria has a housing crisis.

Rents are rising four times faster than wages, too many people are locked out of owning a home of their own, and wait lists for public housing continue to grow.

To tackle the housing crisis, we need to end the special treatment for big property developers and build more public and affordable housing.

Our wins for housing include:

  • Standing up for public housing residents during the COVID-19 ‘hard lockdown’ in 2020. The community’s advocacy, with our support, led to funding and programs for North Melbourne public housing residents and significant changes to how the Department works with residents.
  • Fighting against the sell-off of public housing land in the inner city. While we didn’t win the fight to stop Labor using public housing land for private development, the Greens’ campaign led to an increase in the amount of social housing the Government will build on these sites over the coming years.
  • Our campaigns led to the Labor Government announcing minimum standards for rental properties and an end to ‘no-ground evictions’ for renters, along with the right for renters to have pets and make small changes to their home (like hanging pictures on the walls).
  • Secured important protections for renters throughout COVID-19 with a ban on evictions and rent increases to keep people in their homes.

I’m fighting for:

  • A big build of public housing homes.
  • Better protections for renters, including minimum rental standards for cooling and insulation and a cap on rent increases.
  • Free Wifi for public housing estates in Melbourne.
  • On-site mental health support for public housing residents living in high density housing estates.
  • Multicultural liaison officers in public housing offices to support better communication with the Department.
  • Funding for programs to support residents living on the Carlton public housing estate.
  • Mandated affordable housing in all new housing developments.
  • Ending tax breaks for wealthy investors and property developers.

Read more about the Greens’ plans to make housing more affordable here.

End homelessness and make housing affordable


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