Ellen Sandell
MP for Melbourne

What matters to you

As your local MP, I’m fighting for our community. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in State Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Ellen Sandell
MP for Melbourne

What matters to you

As our local MP, I’m fighting for our community. Please tell me what matters to you most, so I can be your voice in state Parliament.


Don’t see your issues here? Tell me what else matters to you.

Hi, I’m Ellen. I'm a Kensington local, mum of three, and your voice for Melbourne in the Victorian State Parliament.


What I’m fighting for


With my background in science, and now as a mum of three young children, taking action on climate change is what drives me.

Before I was elected as the state MP for Melbourne, I trained as a scientist and was the CEO of a national climate change non-profit organisation.

Now I’m fighting for action on climate change, more affordable housing, and a fairer society in the Victorian Parliament.

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Latest News

Victorian Parliament to investigate state’s preparedness for climate disasters

Media Release

4 Oct 2023

A flooded street


2 Sep 2023

July was the hottest month ever recorded!


15 Aug 2023

Community groups in Melbourne


23 May 2023

Logging will end in Victoria!

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Come on Vic Labor! #RaiseTheAge ...

We don`t need any new oil and gas drilling. But the Labor state and federal governments are allowing destructive seismic blasting to go ahead in Gunditjmara Sea Country to find new oil and gas! The Greens will be joining with the community to fight this every step of the way.

#SeismicBlasting #NoSeismicBlasting #whales #Victoria #NoMoreCoalAndGas #NoMoreFossilFuels #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ocean

GOOD NEWS: The Greens have secured laws that will put up to 5,000 extra homes on the market for renters in Victoria.

#RentalCrisis #HousingCrisis #RentFreeze #Renting #VacancyTax #Greens

Another $60 million lost by VicForests 😫 - even more than last year.

Labor needs to shut down VicForests now!

#Logging #VicForests #Extinction

Will Labor in Vic replace ANY of the public housing it demolishes with new public housing?*

We`re still waiting on an answer.

*Instead of private apartments or social housing (which is more expensive and has fewer protections for residents).

#PublicHousing #Melbourne #HousingCrisis #Greens

I absolutely loved hosting members of the Kensington Junior Netball Club at Parliament this week to meet the @melbournevixens!

Go Vixens! 🏐

This is a long post but it’s an important one.

You may have heard that the Labor Victorian Government is planning to demolish every public housing tower in Victoria.

That’s more than 6,660 homes in 44 towers.

Yesterday, a team of volunteers and I knocked on doors and spoke to residents in one of the first towers set to be demolished - 33 Alfred St in North Melbourne - to talk to them about their rights and offer our support.

Residents are understandably concerned that they’ll be moved away from the family, hospitals, and community services they rely on.

Labor’s plan is to sell off the majority of this public housing land to private developers to build private apartments for 20,000 people and make mega profits.

They’ve said they will also replace the demolished towers with 7,100 new ‘social’ homes on these sites between now and 2051. Let me explain why this is a lot worse than it seems.

Firstly, Labor wants to knock down 6,600 public housing homes, and build 7,100 social homes over the next 28 years. That’s only 440 extra social homes - or 15 new social homes per year! There are 125,000 people on the public housing waiting list in Victoria. 15 new social homes a year isn’t going to cut it!

Secondly, the government has refused to confirm if the newly built social homes will be public housing. ‘Social housing’ can mean either public housing or community housing. Community housing is run by private organisations (sometimes ‘non-profits’) and can often have higher rents and fewer rights for tenants than public housing. On some other estates where Labor has demolished public housing, none of the new housing has been public housing at all.

This plan is going to fundamentally change the nature of our suburb, with more expensive apartments and public housing residents being pushed out.

Continued in comments.

Great to be at the rally for renters today. The Greens join with the community in demanding a rent freeze and end to privatisation of public housing. We’re in a housing crisis yet Labor is cosying up with property developers rather than doing anything to fix the crisis.✊🏼 ...

At least 168 horses were killed on Australian racetracks last year - the worst on record. #NupToTheCup #HorseRacingKills ...

This week, when 140 countries voted for a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, the Australian Labor Government abstained.

We should not be looking away. We should be calling loudly for peace.

And for a lasting peace, the Israeli Government must end the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

#CeasefireNow #FreePalestine

This is Ihab`s 17th day sitting on the steps of Victorian Parliament, calling for a free Palestine.

We need a ceasefire now.

And for a lasting peace, Israel needs to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

#CeasefireNow #FreePalestine

I came to Parliament dressed as the scariest thing I could think of.

Happy Halloween 🎃

#Halloween #NoMoreCoalAndGas

Rents in Melbourne have gone up 18% in the last year!

Renters are fed up!

We’ve tried pushing the government to end unlimited rent increases but they`re not budging ... yet.

Join us on Saturday 11 Nov to rally for rent controls and renters rights.

Let us know you`re coming via the link in my bio.

#RallyForRenters #RentalCrisis #Rent #Renting #Renters #HousingCrisis #Rally #Protest #Melbourne #Greens #RentCaps #RentFreeze

Labor`s billion dollar deal to keep the polluting brown coal industry alive.

#NoMoreCoalAndGas #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Coal #AusPol #Greens

Labor Premier says more people are "choosing" to rent 😐

#HousingCrisis #RentalCrisis #AusPol #Greens

Renters have had enough of unfair rent increases, freezing and boiling homes, and landlords who won`t fix urgent repairs.

Join us to rally for rent controls and rights for renters!

Event link in bio.

#RentalCrisis #RentCaps #Renting #HousingCrisis #Rwlly #Protest #Melbourne #Greens


Petition link in my bio.

#Coles #Woolworths #CostOfLiving #CostOfLivingCrisis