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Stronger protections for animals

We all want to see animals treated with compassion, not cruelty.

The Victorian Greens and I have a long track record of advocating for animals in the Victorian Parliament. We’ve called for an end to duck shooting and greyhound racing, spoken out against horse racing and factory farming practices, and consistently fought for better protection for native animals.

My wins for animals include:

  • Securing a Parliamentary Inquiry into Victoria’s extinction crisis.
  • Securing vital protection for wombats in Victoria by getting them protected species status.
  • Speaking out against puppy farms and voting to pass historic legislation banning the sale of non-rescue animals in pet shops and limiting the number of breeding animals a dog breeder can have.
  • Keeping up the pressure on the Labor Government to ban duck shooting, jumps racing and greyhound racing.

I’m fighting for:

  • Duck shooting to be banned in Victoria. The Greens have been campaigning for decades to stop this cruel practice.
  • The establishment of an independent authority for animal welfare, because the interests of animals shouldn’t be in the same hands as the authority for the industries that profit from them.
  • A ban on greyhound racing, plans to protect and re-home greyhounds who are currently in the industry, and for trainers and other workers to transition to other employment.
  • An end to intensive animal farming and cruel farming practices including battery cages, sow stalls, and debeaking of hens.
  • Stronger protections and funding for threatened species, to save them from extinction.
  • An end to native forest logging, which is one of the greatest threats to Victoria’s native species.

Find out more about the Greens’ plan to protect animals here.

Stronger protections for animals


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