Can you help collect petition signatures to save public housing?

10 Jan 2023

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The Labor Government plans to demolish all 44 public housing towers in Victoria and displace over 10,000 residents. This will force people out of their homes and tear communities apart.

The Greens want Labor to stop this large-scale destruction and privatisation of public housing.

If we get 2,000 signatures on our paper petition to Parliament, we can force the Labor Government to debate the tower demolition in Parliament and hold them accountable. This could pressure the government to go back to the drawing board and create a better plan for public housing in Victoria.

Right now, we’re looking for volunteers who can help spread the word and collect signatures to save public housing.

Does this sound like you?

📧 Send an email to my office at [email protected] if you can help collect paper signatures from your community and a friendly staff member will be in touch soon!

We want to protect communities, keep this land for public housing, and build more public housing.

Together, we can fight for the rights of public housing communities and save public housing in Victoria.


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