Community Action Meeting: Kensington flood remodelling

Melbourne Water has just changed the flood modelling for Kensington Banks, and our neighbourhood is now deemed to be in a flood zone.

Many residents are worried about what this means.

Your state MP Ellen Sandell (also a Kensington Banks resident), and member for the Northern Metropolitan region, Samantha Ratnam, are fighting to get answers and action from the State Labor Government.

Residents sharing their stories and concerns with us will help us push the Government for solutions.

Please come along to our community action meeting on Tuesday 4th June from 6-8 pm at the Kensington Town Hall.

This meeting is a chance for community members to get together, share our stories, and discuss any action we might like to take together.

Ellen and Samantha will share their views about the current situation and the actions we’re taking in Parliament, but this meeting is not a replacement for official briefings from Melbourne Water or other government agencies or Departments (who will not be in attendance). For specific information about the flood modelling, please contact Melbourne Water here.

You’re welcome to bring children along, and you’re also welcome to drop in for only part of the meeting if you can’t make the whole thing.

Image via Jason South/The Age

Community Action Meeting: Kensington flood remodelling


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